What is a Snapshot Report?

The Snapshot Report is our award-winning marketing needs assessment tool that provides insights into your business’s online marketing performance. In it, we’ll review and score your online presence across 6 Key Areas of your local marketing. The Snapshot Report will help you to understand where your business ranks, which areas you need the most help in, and how we can assist you with the right solutions.

So stop taking random shots in the dark with your digital marketing
and get your Snapshot Report today for only $297!

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Express Digital Plumbing

Our team of specialists will set-up your “digital plumbing” for you! This includes setting up your Google Tag Manager, creating your Google Analytics account, your Facebook and Google Ad accounts, and much, much more. And after 3-4 weeks you’ll be able to track users who have interacted with your page, clicked on a link you shared, signed up for your newsletter or bought something directly from your website. And that’s not all! This will also allow us to re-market your content to website visitors: analyzing which website visitors are buyers, building custom audiences in Facebook and running warm traffic through your funnel!


Per Month

3x3 Video Grid Editing

The purpose of the 3x3video grid is so we have the optimal amount of content to start testing. We’ll teach you how to create a series of 9 videos for your marketing funnel, edit the videos and provide some light consultation. Your video content will consist of : 3 WHY videos to create awareness through storytelling, 3 HOW videos to generate engagement through information on how your services help your patients, and, 3 WHAT videos that are your selling or conversion videos.


Per Month

Facebook for

Do you want to promote to audiences that will eat up your content? We can lay that groundwork by boosting posts on Facebook for a $1 a Day. After all, wouldn’t you rather be spending time with your patients than working on your marketing? Our checklist provides a manifest for the process that we’ll use to drive results. Put it in our hands to amplify your success and promote your business for one month with this starter package.