Royaltie Ad Network

While traditional marketing methods like billboards and radio are expensive and inflexible, we offer a simple, effective way to get your message in front of more people near you at the lowest cost.

With Royaltie, your high-quality image ad will be displayed on the most popular apps and websites (Facebook, AOL, Forbes, CNN, etc.) on the phones, laptops and tablets of the people around you.

Our clients range from small business owners (marketers, realtors, and independent sales reps) to major corporations, all seeing the incredible benefits of proximity marketing.

Our suite of products includes three types of Bluetooth beacons and two Guest Wi-Fi devices.

Included with every purchase is unlimited access to the Upline app where you can create your ads, landing pages and keep you and your team organized anywhere, any time.

Give us a call for more information or email us at david@opticssocial.com