We Bring Optimal Health to your Digital Marketing

Build the right foundation for your digital marketing 

What is Digital Plumbing?

Imagine for a moment you had a leak in your house. What would you do? You’d probably call a plumber, right? And the plumber would figure out the source of your problem, tell you what he needs to do to fix it and what it would cost. And with your approval, he’d get everything working the way it was meant to work.

Well it’s the same thing with your business’s online presence. With our Digital Plumbing Package, we will “fix all the leaks” in your online presence so everything is set up for you and in working order. Once it’s set, you’ll be able to track users to your website, you’ll be able to see where you website traffic is coming from and most importantly, you’ll be able to remarket to them!

Digital Plumbing provides the foundation for you to create data driven marketing campaigns, reach more prospective customers and build powerful remarketing campaigns for your business.

Our Process

In digital marketing, we follow a process called MAA or METRICS, ANALYSIS, ACTION in order to move prospects through a “marketing funnel”. We liken this to a visit to the Emergency Room. When a patient enters the Emergency Room complaining about their arm, the doctor will check their VITALS (ie. take an X-ray),  DIAGNOSE the problem (ie. the X-ray shows it’s a broken arm) and then lay out a TREATMENT plan (ie. we’re going to have to put a cast on your arm). The doctor is following a logical process we call MAA.

To effectively grow your business, we need to first look at your online presence, check the METRICS, then ANALYZE the results, before we can take ACTION.