About Us


Established in 2015.

Optics Social Media has its roots in paid media. I am David Brown and I've had a long career on Madison Avenue in the advertising agency world. Paid media advertising meant that clients had advertising budgets and we planned and purchased media to help them with their marketing awareness and sales. Then digital media became the next big thing with paid banner ads on websites, Google Adwords and the growth of social media beginning with Facebook. Today, there is paid media, earned media (public relations) and owned media. Owned media is the stuff businesses publish and control through social media channels like Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin as well as through blogs, websites and landing pages. That's the space Optics Social Media works in... and it's "where social means business"

Meet the Business Owner

David Brown
I began my career as an assistant media planner working in the media department of BBDO, a big NYC ad agency. Over the years as I gained media planning and buying experience I moved around and worked at several other agencies, each time moving up the corporate ladder. I held the title, Senior Vice President, Director of Media Services where I was responsible for oversight of employees and the management of multi-million dollar ad budgets. In the early 90's I got involved with digital media and later with social media. Today I run a media consulting business helping small businesses construct their social media platforms and increase their awareness with carefully curated content for their customers and potential customers.